Ale Casanova

The way of evoke feelings

Ale Casanova is a painter and teacher (Valencia, 1981), focused on portraits and the human figure. His contemporary vision of watercolour, his refined oil technique and his peculiar vision of painting have led him to exhibit in multiple art galleries. In his work, simple scenes are shown with absolute naturalness and crudeness, a way in which he achieves a special way of evoking feelings in the viewer, thus achieving an atmosphere of intimacy in the paintings thanks to human figures and nudes.

Teaching and informative work

Casanova carries out great teaching and education work on watercolour and his particular way of seeing the world, which has led him to hold workshops in various countries. It also has online courses on the technique of watercolour and oil, as well as the human figure in watercolour. You can follow him on social media on his profile @casanova_ale.

"Escoda brushes give me the guarantee of tradition together with the search for innovation."

Escoda & Ale Casanova:

“During my training, Escoda brushes were always a guarantee of quality and durability. Now as a professional I pursue materials that provide me with safety and durability. Escoda brushes give me the guarantee of tradition, together with the search for innovation.”

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