Pablo Rubén

"All the necessary resources to undergo any watercolor, no matter how complex it is, summarized in three brushes. The feeling of precision using any Escoda turns into concise and firm brushstrokes." (Spain) Pablo Rubén has spent twenty years dedicated to the world of art and, the last ten years, specialized in watercolor. During his career he has received more than 400 national and international prizes and he has participated in watercolor exhibitions in more than 20 different countries. He works in his own studio as well as outdoors, which is a source of freshness and speed for his technique. Nowadays he combines his artistic career and teaching, giving regular classes in his own studio and in workshops all around the world. The topics of his watercolor works can be divided into two main groups: topics in which water is the main focus (puddles, lakes, rivers, ponds, harbors…) and urban or industrial scenes in which different means of transport, buildings or other structures become the most important aspects. Every single piece of his paintings has a careful composition and the precision of the drawing is the main structure of each piece of watercolor. I need to travel many times during the year with my watercolor works and brushes to many different cities around the world to teach or for demos. As time has gone by, I have learned to pack the basics in my traveling painting kit and with only three brushes, like the ones in this set, I am capable of painting any watercolor, no matter how complex it is. The Último flat brush for big pictorial fields, for gradings as well as for softening and integrating different colors. The Último brush for the areas where there is a need for more water together with precision. And the essential Perla brush to load more pigment and to draw extra fine lines or small final details. Three perfect tools for three parts of my watercolor painting process.