George Politis

A long journey through the world of watercolor

George Politis paints in watermedia and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. He is signature member of AWS (American Watercolor Society), RI (Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors), San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS), Louisiana Watercolor Society (LWS), MoWS (Missouri Watercolor Society), AWA (Arizona Watercolor Association), NEWS (North East Watercolor Society), IAF (Institut des Arts Figuratifs) and has served as President of the Artists Society of Northern Greece (2009-2015). He had many solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and in international exhibitions and contests.

The importance of time

“Time plays a very basic role in my paintings; particularly the way it leaves its mark on varied objects and on nature itself fascinates me. I see in the old, rusty and ravaged both truth and excitement. I can find inspiration in ordinary and commonly overlooked items, responding to them with dramatically different feelings each time, whether emphasizing the serenity, the loneliness, the atmosphere, the melancholy.”

"I like to experiment a lot and find new ways to express my ideas. I experiment with various materials and processes, very often disregarding rules. Especially in my “Wall Series” I like to create some… controlled chaos and find ways to compose and create a balanced painting out of this chaos."

I have been using Escoda brushes since 2012. A love at first sight (or … first use). They have never failed me. I had been using Kolinsky brushes before. But the Escoda brushes, in their various versions gave me all that I needed and a lot more. Excellent washes like the Kolinsky brushes. Great tips for details. Spring and “memory”… the brushes after numerous uses are like new. The tip comes back to the original shape. The ferrule doesn’t loosen. I also can use Escoda excellent synthetic brushes with my acrylics and mixed watermedia works. I tell my students: you cannot afford not to buy the best material. And when it comes to brushes… it is Escoda brushes. They will help you elevate your work to another level.

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