Michael Solovyev

Traditional art education and great professional experience

Michael Solovyev (Russia, 1972) received a traditional academic art education and even though he is now focused on watercolour he has an extensive experience as a head theatre stage designer and oil painter career. His stage designer background as provided two main insights fundamental for his subsequent watercolour artist career – understanding that the light is paramount to the art and the love for collective co-creation. Solovyev is often called a “sunny watercolourist” – his airy, transparent artworks look as though they emit the sunlight.

Watercolour, the most interesting medium

Watercolour is the most interesting medium to Michael Solovyev because it is the only material on the whole planet where he is not solely responsible for the creative process. Rather than working alone, he forms a partnership with the water. Watercolour flows, permeates the medium, it exists in time as an alive being. Solovyev works together with the watercolour in a fascinating process of co-creation which leads to interesting outcomes. Such partnership does not exist in all other branches of visual arts. Willingness to experiment and create led Michael Solovyev to design his own line of watercolour materials and release a series of watercolour video lessons.

Michael is a watercolour artist of great renown, with exhibitions and workshops all over the world, from Bolivia to France to Australia, as you can see on his social media (@michaelsoloyev).

"Escoda brushes would also do a huge part of the work for you! Escoda is just an extension of your fingers."

The importance of the right tools for artists:

“If you want to make the best dish, you have to use the best ingredients. If you want to make really good watercolours, you need the best materials. Thus, you need Escoda brushes. It’s a great pleasure to just not worry about materials, as you can simply rely on them, one hundred per cent. They would also do a huge part of the work for you! Escoda is just an extension of your fingers.”

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