Our history

The art of making brushes since 1933

Josep Escoda Roig (1902-1982) creates in Sabadell, near Barcelona, a small business of brushes and paintbrushes for decoration and Fine Arts. It was the autumn of 1933. Escoda (the surname of the funder) became the first brush factory in Spain because until then artists used the ones made in other European countries, especially France and Germany.

The small business that Josep Escoda built had a little break during the years of the Civil War in Spain, retaking the factory activity at the beginning of the 40s. It was a post-war time with plenty of difficulties in obtaining quality source materials. Despite the situation, the Escoda brush factory was slowly growing.

Josep Escoda’s drive to make the best brush for artists was passed down from generation to generation. First, to the founder’s sons: Josep and Ricard. Then, they also passed it to their own children: Anna, Ricard, Marc and Josep. We are the third generation of brush makers who love what they do and continue the legacy of the surname Escoda.

We are very proud of our role in art and our participation in fine arts for more than 85 years.

The main goal of Josep Escoda is still very much present today, such as the way we work. We still manufacture our brushes and paintbrushes with the traditional process, the same one our past generations used. And we achieved something significant for us: to make tradition turned into art. And, of course, always looking for the adaption to new times and a continuous improvement.

To make the best brush possible, we keep in mind that our products are an industrial contribution to the artistic world. Escoda brushes are our contribution to artists all around the world. We are very proud of our role in art and our participation in fine arts for more than 85 years.

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