Creador Travel Kit Escoda - Viarco

Creador Travel Kit offers the necessary tools to create what you want, wherever you want. The Creador Brush will allow you to use different brush heads through a threaded adjustment on one side, as well as work at the same time with the watercolour leads on the opposite side. This innovative tool is accompanied by 3 primary water soluble Pigment colour Blocks, to produce a wide range of colours.

The kit includes:

1x Creador Brush (developed with 3D technology)
1x Perla Round #6 Brush Head
1x Último Round #12 Brush Head
3x Water soluble ArtGraf Pigment Blocks (yellow, magenta and blue)
1x Grey water soluble ArtGraf Graphite Lead 2B
1x Black water soluble ArtGraf Soft Carbon Lead
1x White water soluble ArtGraf Pigment Lead
137,45  Taxes not included

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